Wednesday, 2 December 2015

A Final Update...?

You might have already guessed this from my extremely long absence but I've been thinking about going on a really long hiatus or quitting blogging altogether. I haven't been blogging for long, I only started a few months ago, so I'm still uncertain about quitting? This was kind of a test to see if I could handle it before I made my blog more official and invested more time/money into it but it seems like I couldn't handle it.

I love reading and putting up little reviews on Goodreads so I thought blogging would just be an extension of that. It wouldn't be a big deal if I already loved the hobby, right? That's what I thought but as time went on, it started feeling more like work than fun. I'm not sure why because I loved interacting with you all. My favorite thing about this whole experience was reading comments and replying and having support and giving support to fellow readers! It felt so comfortable and simple.

But recently, I've started medschool and gotten a new part-time job. Life in general has become hectic. I have to dig out time to read, yet alone collect my thoughts up for reviewing and blogging. I thought fun lists and the sort would encourage me to blog more but I still can't seem to keep up and enjoy myself. I end up feeling more drained and stressed than ever before when I should be feeling relaxed.

So, I just want you all to know that Fictional Skylines will be on hiatus until I can find it easier to handle blogging like during the summer. I would say it's very to close to quitting blogging altogether but I'm indecisive and don't want to say goodbye to you all forever! I'll miss you all, every one of my sweet followers who always left long and interesting comments or just small, sarcastic remarks that made me laugh. I appreciate our short but meaningful friendships so much. It always lit up my mornings to read all your comments and I will miss that.

You can still find me around the internet though: I'll occasionally post mini-reviews on Goodreads because I do love reading and reviewing too much to quit completely. My email ( is also open if you have anything to tell me.

Until then, it's been a fun and memorable few months in the blogging community. I was welcomed openly and it was easy to interact with everyone. Thank you so much for everything and goodbye for now!