Saturday, 2 May 2015

Ju Jabbers: 'Shadowhunters TV' Cast Updates

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Hey, everyone! Some exciting news has just been dropped: we have another casting for the Shadowhunters' TV show, which I think you all probably know is an ABC reboot of The Mortal Instruments series by Cassandra Clare.

I wasn't sure of how to feel about the original announcement of a Shadowhunter TV redo and I'm pretty sure that a cynical side of me was certain that the show would flop. But then Dominic Sherwood was announced to play Jace a couple of days ago and the giddy explosion of happiness from the TMI fandom took over Twitter, where Cassandra Clare originally made the announcement. Moments later, Tumblr was ablaze with bizarre edits attempting to give Sherwood's dark hair a dye-job. Later, even my fellow harsh critics on Goodreads were curious. It was pretty much like the dead rising from their graves and let's be real: the craze influenced many skeptics and may have even spurred hope.

One of those skeptics was me—an adoring fan of the first 3 books but a jaded observer of the last 3. I was excited even though I've only seen Dominic Sherwood act in Vampire Academy, which didn't fare any better than the City of Bones movie in the Box Office. But I was still certain Sherwood looked the part much more than Jaime Campbell-Bower (no offense to all you Jaime fans!) and his acting as Christian Ozera was fun and angsty for the little screen-time that he had. Basically, I was ready to have him as our Jace.

But how about now with the Simon Lewis and Isabelle Lightwood castings? I mean, I loved Robert Sheehan as Simon Lewis in the City of Bones movie because just look at his acting:


But I knew he too would be replaced. I just couldn't fathom who could possibly replace him when he was Simon through and through.

Surprisingly, the new casting hit the mark. Alberto Rosende has been cast as our favorite hilarious nerd Simon and Emeraude Toubia as our femme fatale Isabelle Lightwood. Did I like them at first? No, I was totally lost at sea because they didn't look the part to me at all but then this tweet happened:

And then this tweet:
And then this tweet (she speaks her native language, hah! I love how she's so proud of who she is)

And now, I am totally on board. Rosende has Simon's personality nailed down, I can just feel it but I hope he's more confident in his role then he is in this video (He's so adorably nervous or excited aww!). I still don't know how Toubia will portray Isabelle but she looks the part so much, I can't believe I didn't see it earlier!

There was some disgusting buzz about how they are POC and how the characters are white in the books but that doesn't matter one bit to me because it's about how they portray the characters that matters the most. Plus, Clare was okay with allowing POC characters and I think her say has importance, considering she created these characters. Plus, Robert Lightwood is described to have olive skin in the books so there's nothing odd about having an olive-skinned Isabelle. PLUS, a little makeup can make a huge difference for what happens to Simon later in the series so there's no need to worry about that (I mean, c'mon, Raphael is in the same situation too and he's originally POC so this is a nonsensical worry). All this race-bent anger is completely baseless and this kind of negativity isn't wanted at all in a fandom that supports the beautiful homosexual relationship of an Asian warlock and a white Shadowhunter.

All in all, I am excited. So very excited and I cannot wait until the castings of Magnus Bane and Alec Lightwood are announced because Malec are my precious children. What do you guys think about all this? Are you hopeful? Annoyed? Skeptical, once more? Let me know!


  1. I didn't know there is a new TMI adaptation! Wow, I'm so behind! xD Anyway, I think it has a better chance at being a TV show than a movie because well, the plot can be more detailed as in not leaving things out. I remember Alec only have a small amount of screen time in the City of Bones movie and that's sad :( Appearance-wise, these actors look like how I pictured the character so I'm pretty excited! <33

    Thank you for stopping by my blog! It's a pleasure to meet you, Ju! ^^

    1. Exactly! And they're calling the series "Shadowhunters" instead of just "The Mortal Instruments" so I guess they'll be incorporating Cassandra Clare's other shadowhunters series into the TV show (if they make it past season 1) so that'll be great :D And yesss, I want to see more of my babies Alec and Isabelle and MAGNUS.

      Nice to meet you too Kezia! :")